Sanford Research is a nonprofit research organization that is a part of Sanford Health, the largest rural, not-for-profit health care system in the U.S. With a team of over 200 researchers, Sanford Research is comprised of eight groups that bridge bench, translational and clinical research, including: Cancer Biology and Immunotherapies, Pediatrics and Rare Diseases, Diabetes, Cellular Therapies and Stem Cell Biology, Enabling Technologies, Environmental Influences on Health and Disease, Genetics and Genomics, and Population Health.

A comprehensive program and commitment to developing revolutionary technologies sets the team apart. Our integrated health system, state-of-the-art animal laboratories and clinical research infrastructure – including a 130,000-square-foot open research space – ensures collaboration, access to early in vivo experience, and the capacity for further development and growth.


Sanford BioBank
Core Facilities
Laboratory Animal Resource Facility