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Abdominal Wall Closure Device
Pulmonary Emboli Catheter
Trans Abdominal Intragastric Tube


Steven Briggs, MD

From general surgeon to budding inventor, Steven Briggs, MD, is committed to taking care of and doing more for his patients. One day on his way to the intensive care unit, he had an epiphany, a solution to a problem he had been having in practice. He spent months designing and developing the idea, before connecting with the commercialization team at Sanford Health to explore the idea farther and begin the pathway to market.

Thomas Haldis, DO

Thomas Haldis, DO, interventional cardiologist, did not intend to be an inventor. While practicing, he noticed a vast difference in the amount of equipment necessary for a stroke intervention in comparison with other similar procedures. He decided he could do better for patients and began designing simpler, more advanced devices that are able to incorporate different parts of the procedure into one tool.

Paola Vermeer, PhD

Paola Vermeer, PhD, a head and neck cancer researcher, believes research is translational. Every glance under the microscope, every discovery, every breakthrough is made to improve the lives of patients and cancer care. Through the work in her laboratory, she and her team are helping innovate new ways to improve patient’s quality of life.

Patrick Kelly, MD

As an experienced engineer, vascular surgeon and inventor, Patrick Kelly, MD, brings a unique perspective to commercialization at Sanford Health. The Executive Director of Commercialization is passionate about finding lifesaving solutions for patients, and as a result, Dr. Kelly has developed many groundbreaking devices that are bringing options where previously there were none. Now, he is able to take this farther, using his expertise to lead and guide other innovators.

David Ure, MS, MBA

A strategic alignment between Sanford Health and a technology company, Inanovate, is putting Sanford Health’s novel breast cancer blood test to good use. David Ure, chief executive officer of Inanovate, and Sanford Health’s Kristi Egland, PhD, have worked side by side to further develop the technology. This simple blood test may help supplement mammography and could detect recurrence.

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